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finishing-xsWith the rising demand to translate high volumes of technical content and literature, the latest CAT tools and translation management systems used by Alphatrad Worldwide for the provision of their technical translation services ensure flawless consistency of work format, style, lexicon, grammar correctness and terminology accuracy throughout the whole technical documentation, specialised content and marketing material that our customers entrust us. This is critical for global businesses, especially for their technical, financial and sensitive legal documents.

Through the use of computer-aided translation tools (CAT), our translation workflow can be supported and facilitated by highly sophisticated and state-of-the-art computer software designed purposely for translation professionals.

The benefits of using computer-aided automated translation tools are extensive as they enable instant communication to the global market as well as immediate access to vital information within the preferred language.

Nonetheless, it is important to understand that the CAT technology does not represent machine translation and, instead, it is best understood to be machine-assisted as it requires the manual input and processing by a human, professional translator or editor. Only professional, human translators are able to render a text with the idiomatic feeling and grammatical exactness necessary to create the best translation possible.

Our CAT tools boost translation productivity, speed, consistency and quality, enabling content to be delivered faster, better and more dependably. The resulting added benefit is the support of multiple languages and the facilitation of a broader audience reach, making content easily accessible to global customers.

By using the latest translation technology, Alphatrad Worldwide can therefore quickly translate a wide range of business communication to enhance your employee collaboration and facilitate a clear understanding of your internal communication and client requirements.

Through the proficient adoption and use of the most popular integrated translation memory systems (TMS) in our computer-assisted translation tools, pre-translations allow us to leverage the rich and recurring content of our customers documentation, which increases our productivity, boosts our quality output, cuts out on translation project costs and accelerate customers’ products time-to-market.

We offer additional integrated services, including word count, text analysis and comparison reporting of new and pre-translated material and much more. By combining our professional translators with our advanced translation management systems and software, sophisticated translation know-how and successfull project management, Alphatrad Worldwide can meet with efficiency and ease the technical and creative language requirements of our global clients on any business scale.

To read more about why machine translation is not the viable and professional linguistic solution you are looking for, please read Huffington Post article ‘Why Machines Alone Cannot Solve The Worlds Translation Problem on our blog.

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