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5 Excuses for not Localising a Website

Many organisations planning to enter a new market and attract new customers still choose not to invest time and resources in a multilingual website. Marketing your products or services online with only one, usually an English version of your website can be a challenging task. Below you can see counter-arguments to the most common excuses […]

Microsoft apologises after Bing translates ‘Daesh’ into ‘Saudi Arabia’

The text translator’s blunder put down to crowdsourced suggestions after anger from Saudi officials and social media called for countrywide boycott  Saudi Arabia captured by Nasa’s Aqua satellite Photograph: NASA / HANDOUT/EPA Microsoft has been forced to apologise after its Bing translation service suggested that the Arabic name for Islamic State “Daesh” meant “Saudi Arabia” in […]

Handling PDFs… is there a best way?

We all know, I think, that translating a PDF should be the last resort.  PDF stands forPortable Document Format and the reason they have this name is because they were intended for sharing with users on any platform irrespective of whether they owned the software used to create the original file or not.  Used to share […]

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